Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farmer's Market Dinner

The Farmer's Market is now open on Tuesday evening. So this last Tuesday we stopped by the farmers market on the way home from work. The veggies and fruit there were all just beautiful! So much better than what is available at the grocery store. And it was all cheaper than the grocery store too. So we will probably be stopping by the farmers market after work on Tuesdays more often.

We bought some beautiful eggplants, various squashes, green peppers and Anaheim peppers, two different kinds of cucumbers; one Japanese and one lemon cucumber and some big garden fresh tomatoes. When we got home we made a wonderful vegetarian dinner. We made some really good eggplant parmesan, and I made a big pan of sauteed squashed with onions and roasted peppers. We had sides of sliced tomatoes with cottage cheeses. It was all so good, nobody missed the meat.


erika said...

Me & Rory have been thinking about going to that store soon.
Boy,does that food look yummy!

Traci said...

i want to come over for some of that! looks yummy! that is one thing that is great about brandon is that we don't always have to have meat in our dinner.
aren't farmers markets the best!!!

Stacy said...

Can I come over next Tuesday? :)