Thursday, February 26, 2009

Serving His Country

This is my very handsome brother Dustin. He is on his way to Afghanistan to serve his country. He will be apart from his lovely wife and children and I know they will miss him so much. I'll miss him too. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. It must be so hard.

I really love my brother. I'm bursting with pride for him. Maybe "pride" is the wrong word, because I didn't have anything to do with how he turned out to be such a fine man. So why should I be proud. I admire him. He is a good and decent man. He's hard working and smart too. I really wish I was as smart as he is. He is a caring father and husband. He is also pretty funny.
I know he is all grown up now. But I can't help but to think of him as my baby brother. Wasn't he just the cutest little guy? When I was a kid I remember thinking he was the best looking baby I ever saw.

I want my brother to know that I am glad he is part of my family. I will be praying for his safety. And praying for his family's safety too. I will pray for his family and him to be comforted through this difficult and challenging thing they are going through. I love them so much.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cute x4!

You can't watch this and be grumpy! It's possibly the cutest thing ever! I saw it on the Today show. It is a youtube video.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was expecting some kind of action thriller about fires and rescues and stuff like that, with maybe a little on the guys relationship to make it interesting.

This movie is not like any regular movie. It was a movie about marriage. I recommend anyone who is married, or is going to be married to see this movie. It is a reminder that marriage is a covenant to be there for better and for worse. It is a covenant between the married couple and God. And it shows how to learn to love your spouse, even if they might not deserve the love sometimes. It shows how to love like Christ loves us. And the roll He should play in our marriage. I am not very good at describing things. There's more to this movie than that. So just trust me, and see the movie! It teaches what true married love is, and it is so different than what most other media shows it as.

I am usually pretty good at not crying during movies. I don't think I even cried when I watched Titanic or any other tear-jerker movie. But this movie really hits home, at least it did for me. And I think it will for most people too.

Since I have watched this, I've learned that almost all of the actors were not actors, but members of the church organization that made this movie. I also learned that Kirk Cameron (remember him from Growing Pains many years ago) will not kiss any woman other than his real life wife in his acting career. I think that is so sweet. And it shows how important marriage is to him. There was a kiss scene in this movie, and I've read that his wife stepped into the scene for this. And I didn't even notice in the movie.

In the movie, there is something called the Love Dare. It is a 40 day process to protect and enrich your marriage. I've decided to get the book and do this. The Love Dare Book And there is also a Love Dare Journal online. But even if you get these, please watch the movie too. It's that good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Pretty Cool Perk

When I was at work I needed to drive one of the transmitter engineers to the helicopter so he could hitch a ride up to the top of Farnsworth Peak for his week long shift. The mountain is of course very snowy, so they take either snow cat or helicopter to the top of the mountain. Usually during a shift change they have 2 engineers that go up on the helicopter, and 2 more that come back. This time there was only one that was going up and none were coming back. So there was an empty seat both ways. I didn't really think they would let me take a ride up there just for the fun of it, but Whoo Hoo! They did!
This is a self portrait of me on the helicopter! I wish I had a real camera, but all I had was my cell phone camera. The helicopter is so loud you can't hear a thing. You have to wear the headphones for hearing protection, and the mic thing is so you can talk to people in the helicopter.

Here is 1-80 and the river. Look how tiny the big semis are.

Here is another shot of the freeway.

Look how icky the air in the valley was. I was above the icky air where the sun was shining.

Here is the mountain we were flying to. It's pretty. I texted this picture to my kids and husband while I was in the air! I'm now a texting pro.

Here are the Oquirrh Mountains, quite close! There were 2 tiny little elk. Well, I'm sure they were actually big like elk are. They just looked little from where I was. Sorry I missed their picture. They wouldn't have shown up in the picture anyway.

Here was when we were just coming over the top of the mountain. That was so cool flying up over the peak and then seeing the other side! I wish I could have gotten sompe pictures of the transmitters. But I was on the wrong side of the helicopter, then they took a slightly different angle back, so I didn't get a shot of them. They look really cool too.

Here is Salt Lake City. But you can't tell because of the thick yucky air. I'm sure looking forward to a storm to clean up our air.

This is the helicopter I rode on. Anyway. It was a very fun way to start the day!