Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buttermilk Bread

A little while ago I ran out of yeast. I went to buy it, and had a hard time spending the money on the one I normally buy. I usually get Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast. I think it is a little expensive. I usually buy the big bag and store it in the freezer. If you store it in the freezer it will last for many years. But I noticed a different one than I that I normally use that was a few dollars cheaper. I figured yeast was yeast. And decided to get the cheaper one. I found out I was wrong when I tried to use this new yeast in my regular recipe for rolls. The rolls came out close to the same as normal, but the flavor just wasn't as good as it normally was. There was less of the good yeasty flavor that homemade bread usually has. That is when I noticed that I had bought Instant Yeast instead of Active Dry Yeast which is what I was used to. Since then I have done a little bit of research online to see the differences between all the different types of yeasts. If you are interested, read here to see the differences.

This last weekend I wanted to make bread to go with some soup I was making. I decided to try to find a recipe that would still have a good flavor even though I only had Instant Yeast. I found a fabulous recipe here on Fleischmann's Yeast Breadworld. They had a lot of wonderful recipes to choose from. But I thought the Buttermilk Bread sounded really good. I'm glad I tried it. My family really liked it. The bread was really soft and the flavor was yummy! And since it was using the instant yeast, it was pretty quick since I didn't need to proof my yeast. I added it directly to my dry ingredients like the recipe said. And I only had to let it raise once instead of twice like you do using Acitve Dry yeast.

Sorry I didn't get my own picture of the bread I made. My family ate it up too quickly.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I want and saw Regina last night. When I heard it was an American opera, I thought that I probably wouldn't like it. But I was so wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The story was very good. There were greedy, selfish family members who would steal from or blackmail anyone to get what they wanted. There was even a plot to force Regina's daughter to marry her first cousin to keep the wealth in the family. These people were really horrible. Especially Regina. She was a cold-hearted monster. But the lady who played her part did a fabulous job. Her Husband was very loveable. He tried to protect his daughter from the family, although he was on his death bed. He and his daughter also did a fabulous job. One of my favorite characters was Birdie, the sweet lady who turned into an alcoholic rather than deal with the horrible family she was married into. And one of my favorite musical numbers was a Blues style duet that Birdie sang with Addie the maid.

The music was so enjoyable. I was afraid that American music wouldn't really fit into an opera style. But it was almost like a musical rather than an opera. The conductor for this opera was Utah Symphony's Keith Lockheart. There was Jazz, Blues, Spiritualism, and I am sure other styles that were very American and beautiful.

Friday, January 23, 2009

How Joseph Smith "Wrote" the Book of Mormon

I found this on You Tube and really liked it. I thought I'd share it. It's only about 4 1/2 minutes long.

If you have never read the "Book of Mormon" I highly recommend that you do. It is a powerful testimony builder of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that Joseph Smith did all he did so I can read the word of God.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fave 5

My kids and I got a new cell phones and a new cell plan. This is my first experience with texting. I find I am pretty slow at it. But my kids really like it. It's really cute they will text me throughout the day and just say hi and stuff. They like to have full conversations by text, which so far drives me crazy. I take way too long to type my message. They will send me 3 or 4 messages in the time it takes me to type up my first reply.
The first day I tried texting I kept texting my husband too. I had him on my "Fave 5" so it was easy to pull him up to send him a message. I texted him a few times and he didn't reply back. I just figured he was busy since he was at work. I texted him asking him where my heartburn medication was. He didn't get back to me, but I found my medicine so I was alright. The next day I came to work and heard about a bunch of layoffs. I was upset that friends had lost jobs, but at the same time relieved that I still had one. So I texted my husband to tell him about it. A few minutes later he texted me back consoling me about the layoffs. A little later I texted him and asked him what my phone number was. He texted me back with it. I was starting to think I was getting good at this texting thing and thinking it was very convenient. Later that day I called him on the phone. I didn't get him; I got a very nice young lady named Heather instead. I was pretty confused for a little bit, until I realized I had entered her number into my phone instead of my husband's. So she was in my "Fave 5" and not my husband. A few minutes later I realized that I had been texting that lady for days! I was pretty embarrassed but did have a good laugh about it.
I can only make changes to my "Fave 5 once a month. So for now "Heather" is one of my "faves", although I won't harass the poor lady anymore or she might think I am a stocker. I'm just very glad I didn't text my husband a secret little sexy note meant only for my husband.