Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not if But When...

It's not if there is an earthquake, but when we have an earthquake. Are you as prepared as you think you are? I know I'm not. If you live in earthquake country then here is a book that you should have in your home. It's free. You can download it online with this link here.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Or if you are like me, and prefer a paper copy, you can pick one up from the Utah Division of Natural resources.

Natural Resources Map & Bookstore
1594 W. North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone (801)537-3320

If you live in Utah, this book might be extra interesting. It shows our area in quite a lot of detail. It shows why we should prepare and how to prepare. You might not be as prepared as you think. So look into it and be sure. You know there will be an earthquake one day. When it happens, what is likely to happen in our area? This book can give you a pretty good idea. It shows a map of how bad liquefaction will be in what areas. (liquefaction = Scary!) There are lots of good pictures too.

This book is made for Utah, but any of you in the neighboring states should read it too. If you live in the west, you are in earthquake country.

One thing I've learned that I never thought of before. When we have a big earthquake, there will be lots of broken glass. And chances are the power will be gone too. What if we need to try to pick our way through our home at night, or worse yet, at night in winter. With the glass all over the floor, a good pair of slippers (or shoes) by your bed, with a flashlight would be very beneficial. But I can't always find mine, especially if it is dark, and the glass from the windows is all by my bed. So put your slippers and flashlight in a plastic bag and tie it to your bed frame by the head of your bed. That way, if the bed is jumping all around during the quake, you can still find your slippers and light.

Another thing, What is hanging above your bed? Is it heavy, or is it glass? I used to have some nice pictures of some flowers. They were framed and had glass over it. Can you say guillotine? Now my wall is bare above my bed. I'll find something less dangerous to put there.

Here is a list of the top 10 earthquake states. It's a bit suprising that Utah or California is not #1!

1. Alaska 1
2. California
3. Hawaii 2
4. Nevada
5. Washington
6. Idaho
7. Wyoming
8. Montana
9. Utah
10. Oregon

Now just because Utah is #9,, don't let your guard down. A big quake here could be quite devastating. So let's do what we can to prepare now while we can.

One last thing. It could be about 3 days before emergancy help gets to us in a very bad earthquake. So get that 72 hour kit put together as part of your preparation.


Mountain Mary said...

Not surprising that Alaska is #1. We have earthquakes nearly every day. Most are not felt and that is good, the more little quakes the less likely there will be another big one like The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964! I hope to not live to see something like that. In the 10 years I lived in CA, there were many quakes but the 2 biggest I was "in" were Northridge (It proved that dogs CAN climb!) and Whittier. We were fortunate but witnessed the devestation that many experienced. Prepare as much as you can for disasters and don;t forget to update them frequesntly.

Deb-t said...

We should have more people like you blogging! You're so informative, so thanks! It is scary to think of what will happen one day. I hope we are all prepared!

Katrina said...

I watched a documentary on Alaska's big earthquake in 1964. Part of the reason it was so devastating was from the liquefaction. We will have that here in Utah too if we have a big one.

I wouldn't mind hearing about the dog that climbed.

Tiffany said...

Wow that's interesting. I never really thought about the glass and not being able to find what you need. Or having something dangerous above your bed.

Sondra said...

Kat, I'm moving the picture above my bed. You always help me. Love you.