Friday, March 13, 2009

72 hour kits made easy

I found this online while I was trying to find info for our Relief Society newsletter. This makes it look easy! I'm totally going to do this, this month!

72 Hour Kit in 10 Steps

Step 1: Find a container
Step 2: Add clothing
Step 3: Add water
Step 4: Plan Meals & buy Food
Step 5: Add Tools & Lighting
Step 6: Add First Aid Supplies
Step 7: Add Shelter & Warmth
Step 8: Add medicine & Vitamins
Step 9: Add Radio & Cash
Step 10: Add other supplies

I have tons of unused backpacks and duffle bags. They will be perfect for this.

I was also thinking of other places that an emergency kit would be good. In your car trunk, at work, and what about your kids school locker. I also want to make sure my kids that have moved out have something like this.

Here are a couple of links to sites on preparedness that looked pretty good.

Food Storage Made Easy
Emergency Preparedness for the PG1st Ward
Other simplified lists from the preceding website(click on the picture to make it big enough to read.)


Sondra said...

Again, you are awesome and amazing. You are helping us prepare and be better people. I'm going to use this and have my kids help me. You know this would be good family home evening stuff.

Traci said...

thanks for the links and the easy-to-do 72 hour kit. we need to finish ours, we started ours a few months back for fhe, now just need to finish.

erika said...

I need to work on mine,now that I have money to do it.
But that's life.Either you have the time ,but no money.
Or you have money ,no time.Just can't win !