Saturday, May 24, 2008

A "Magic Pill"

I saw a sign on my doctor's office wall. It said something like this:


What if you could reduce your chances of all these just by taking a pill every day?

Premature death by 30-50%

Heart disease by 40-50%

Stroke by 30-40%

Diabetes by 30-40%

Breast cancer by 20-30%

Colon cancer by 30-50%

Osteoporosis by 40-50%

Also reduces kidney stones, and depression!


Of course the "Magic Pill" is 30 minutes of exercise every day.


Traci said...

So true! Now kick my booty so I will do it, and what is 30 minutes????

Sondra said...

That's a good reminder Sis. I'll have to show this to Wally. He's starting to jog on the treadmill and he needs some inspiration.

I love you. Sometimes I read your blog but then I don't leave a comment because I'm lazy. I'm sorry about that because I love you and I think you're so wonderful. You are one of the best friends ever.

Sondra said...

I started running on my treadmill because I had been feeling depressed, which isn't common for me. Even though it takes up time it has really been worth it because it's helped me feel better in the long run, and even in the short run. I never want to do my exercising beforehand, but if I make myself start it's not that bad, and afterward I'm happy. It's just getting started.

Tiff said...

Uuugghhh....I really need to start exercising! The benefits are so great, you'd think that would be enough to motivate me. My hubby goes and works out almost every day - maybe I'll start going with him. Thanks for the reminder!

Karmen said...

Wow! What a great sign! Brian and I have just started working out at the gym for 30 minutes every evening! It's been a LONG time since we've exercised!

Val said...

So as long as I do my 30 minutes a day, can I still eat my cookies too!? Thanks for the info and the yummy recipe!

Stacy said...

Kat, I have been on the “Magic Pill” for about two months now. It works great and I would recommend it too. Love you and miss you guys!