Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Back Yard Visitor

Who loves birds as much as I do? If I knew how, I would be one of those geeky people that go out into nature with a fancy camera just to get their pictures. I think I will have to take some Utah Bird Watching classes someday.

Last fall I saw the most beautiful bird land on my backyard fence. It chased off all the Starlings that like to hang out in my backyard and eat my dog’s food. It was hopping all around the fence and looking into the birdhouse that Lane had made me. I thought it looked like some sort of a woodpecker, but I wasn’t sure. I tried to run and get my camera so I could take its picture, but it flew away before I could. Then just the other day when I was talking to Sondra on the phone, I saw it again! It is so beautiful. I wanted to run and get my camera again, but I figured I would miss the chance to watch it if I did.

I have looked a few times online to see what kind of bird it is, and I finally found it today. It is a female Northern Flicker. It is a type of a woodpecker. It looks just like the picture I posted on my post here. I wish I could have taken credit for this picture. It is beautiful. But I just found this online.

Did you know you can set up woodpecker feeders in your backyard to attract woodpeckers? I didn’t know that till just today. And now I am excited to give it a try. But of course I need to do some research before I do it. I have loved having humming bird feeders in my yard this last year. I think it will be cool to have a woodpecker feeder too. I hear they are beneficial to have around your yard because they eat icky things like grasshoppers, garden pests, and spiders.

Here are some interesting links I have come across in researching about my backyard friend.

Wilipedia-Northern Flicker

All About Birds

Birds Forever

Woodpecker Feeders


Deb-t said...

Sounds like you are a bird lover! Good for you. I'm trying to get my 8 year old to make a birdhouse (he's got to for scouts). That will be fun to see the different birds we can attract!
Yes, my husband is not a smiler....although he has a good heart. You made me laugh when you talked about his grandkids thinking he was grumpy. I do the same thing!

Tiffany said...

It's so pretty! Buddy (our doggy) likes to bark at birds and try to chase them. And, even though we have three cats, we have a bird feeder in our yard and birds come to it often. They are fun.

erika said...

I am so glad that the birds are coming.That means spring is here.

Ruuddudes said...

Katrina, it never ceases to amaze me that you are so in touch with sensative things! You have the gift of, dang, everything kind and loving and compassionate. Reading your posts make me feel happy inside. that sounded cheesy, but I didn't know how else to say it! :)

Katrina said...

Your sweet Guppy. I just figured I liked birds. But the way you say it sounds so nice:)

Tiff, my dogs don't chase birds. They will lay 15 feet away from the birds who are eating all their food and just watch them. My dogs would rather chase cats and skunks. I really hate it when they chase skunks. It's enough to ruin your day.

Sondra said...

I wish we could be a couple of kooky birdwatching ladies together. That would be fun. That's a great picture of the Northern Flicker. If you get the woodpecker feeder set up you'll have to tell us if it works well. Love you sis!

by the way, my family can't wait to see you! They seem pretty partial to your family.

YbsisKaren said...

I enjoy watching birds when they are close enough for me to see them. Having not the greatest eyesight, it's hard for me to see the different looks of birds like others can. Thanks for posting the great pic. It is a pretty bird. we have a woodpecker visit on our yard's utility pole and has been heard already this year. He stays pretty close to the top of the pole so it's really hard for me to identify what one it is.

Val said...

Kat, I learn so much on your blog! Thanks for teaching me! Also, thanks for the link to the cadbury eggs you left on my blog...that was so fun! Now another whole year until we get anymore...unless you have any stashed away...