Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good Wife....

Most of you have probably gotten this in an email before. It's pretty funny. It is supposed to be an actual guide on how to be a good wife. Although there is speculation on the authenticity of this, it is still fun to read. I didn't want to retype this, so I just posted a link to someone else's site.

The Good Wife Guide

There is a link to that tells a little about the origins of this list. It mentions a book called "Fascinating Womanhood". I have that book. My mom gave it to me when I was a teenager. I think I tried to start reading it when I was a teenager. I never did finish the book because it made me mad. I thought it would be interesting to read it now that I am an adult with an adult brain and see if it is still offensive to me or not.


Kris said...

Fun post! I'm a sucker for old fashioned womanhood, so I actually appreciate articles like this. I read Mom's copy of "Fascinating Womanhood" several years ago and I'm totally a fan.

Kris said...

Though , let me not forget to include that I would never go to such extremes as noted in this article! Funny!

Katrina said...

That is a funny article. I'm pretty sure it is not a real guide from back then.

Now that you have given "Fascinating Womanhood" a thumbs up, I will try reading it again. I'm pretty sure I'd like it better now that I have matured and settled down a bit. I'll let you know if it annoys me like it used to.

Deb-t said...

Hi cousin! My sister helped me out on my page. I think she went to or something like that. It has a lot of cute backgrounds to choose from.
No, I've never read "The good wife" but now you've peaked my curiosity. I think I'll check it out!