Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Grandbabies

Are Grandbabies the most fun or what?! Here are my adorable grandbabies. Gabriel is 3, and Sharaya is about 7 months old.

We had them both over for a sleep over last night. We've had many sleep overs with Gabriel over the years. But it was a first for Sharaya.

Gabriel is a big Papa's (Grandpa's) boy. He has been since he was a tiny little baby. Now that he is such a big boy, he likes to do whatever Papa does. He likes me well enough, but he adores his grandpa. In fact if he comes over, he is happy to see me, but the first thing he asks me is where is Papa.

I was kind of worried about how Sharaya would be on her first sleep over. She is teething, and she nurses and doesn't take a bottle too well. But for the most part, it went pretty well. Although I didn't get a whole lot of sleep since she wanted to be nursed and she didn't understand why I wouldn't do it. She wasn't digging the bottle too much.

Gabriel slept downstairs with his Papa on the blow up mattress, and Sharaya and I had my room to ourselves. It was nice. Gabriel and Bryan played race cars, Lincoln logs, Wind up motorcycles and stuff like that. They had a midnight snack of Cheetos too. We decided we are going to try to do a sleepover once a month. It is a great way to bond with our grandbabies and stay close. Plus it gives my daughter a break that she doesn't get very often.



What fun grandparents you guys are! Spoiling those kids rotten - it's no wonder your little grandson adores his grandpa! They are both beautiful kids, and those pictures are great!

Traci said...

Thanks for the grandbaby update!!! The pictures are adorable! That was really nice of you and Byran to give your daughter a break too, I sure she enjoyed a night off.

Sondra said...

Kat, I really am jealous of your grandbabies! I can't wait until I have grandbabies! (I know, it'll be five or six years, but I can look forward to it.)

Cheyenne has informed me that she will let me babysit for her all the time.

Those pictures are so absolutely adorable! Sharaya has those big deep eyes and Gabriel is always so handsome.

Kris said...

they are adorable!

Ruuddudes said...

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU WERE A GRANDMA!!! How can you be so young and cute still... & be a grandma! You go, girl!

Tiffany said...

They are both SO ADORABLE! We don't have any babies at our house anymore. In a way that's good, but they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of those beautiful grandkids! It was so fun to get to see them at our Christmas party and before. They are special and I'm proud of Nikki for being such a good mama to them. Keep it up, Nikki! And they are lucky to have you two for grandparents. Enjoy! Grandma/Mom Terry