Saturday, September 8, 2007

Three Generations

This my husband's dad, my husband and my son. We are looking out over the town of Manilla. That is Flaming Gorge in the back ground. Click on the picture so you can see my father-in-law's face. He is a lot like Bryan.

I have the worst time getting Bryan to take off hats, sunglasses and smiling in a picture. It's hard to get a picture of him looking happy.

Manilla is a nice town. We wouldn't mind property up there one day.


YbsisKaren said...

This is a great picture. Aren't you lucky to have a man to take you camping, hunting, traveling and just plain having fun - hat, sunglasses and all.

Kris said...

They do look quite similar. Those are some three pretty handsome men.

Katrina said...

Yes I am a lucky woman to have a man that treats me so nicely. And they are all very handsome Madsen men.

Sondra said...

It's very pretty there! What a terrific picture, they're all handsome!